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Noise is usually measured in special units — decibels (dB).
The negative impact of noise has the following aspects:


Accommodation or long stay in conditions of high noise pollution has a negative impact on the autonomic nervous system. Moreover, the constant background noise has a strong negative impact on the cardiovascular system (primarily by increasing the risk of hypertension), human reproduction, immunity, metabolism and other vital functions of our body. Many have noted fatigue, headaches, sleep disturbance, aggression and psychological disorders. Depression often develop on the background of constant daily noise.


The increase of noise level by 1 - 2 dB leads to a decrease in productivity by 1%, reducing the effective work time during the working day. Scientific studies have shown that under constant impact of noise productivity is on average reduced by 10%, overall incidence increased by 10 - 15%, which requires significant social benefits. In this regard, the use of silent computers in offices is cost-justified.

The noise level of conventional computers

Not detrimental to human noise (comfort noise) is 25-30 dB. This can be compared with the rustle of leaves or the rustle of leaves.

A conventional computer includes 3 - 4 ventillyator, each of which produces 25 - 30 decibels of noise; final noise will be 35 - 45 decibels. Given the fact that many people spend on the computer for 8 or more hours a day (at work, at home), they clearly belong to the risk group.

Silent computer is your decision.

Our silent computers, through the use of next-generation processors with reduced heat dissipation, passive coolers and solid-state hard drives contain no fans, and therefore have a noise level equal to zero, that is, are completely silent. Their use will reduce noise impact on your body, to increase productivity, reduce fatigue, and morbidity, to enhance the comfort of the computer.

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