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Full list of merits of our computers than ordinary computers:

  1. quiet - noise level 0 dB. A normal computer contains 4 fans: PSU, CPU, video card and General. Every fan makes a noise about 20 - 30 dB. Additionally, is the noise a regular hard drive. In silent computer fans are completely absent but is normal, is used SSD drive.
  2. economical - low power consumption of 20 Watts per hour when idle (according to statistics 90% of the time) up to 70 Watts per hour at 100% load (instead of 100...300 conventional computers or 300...1000 games), the savings on electricity can be from 1000 rubles per year and above (1).
    In our computers we use the latest processors with low power consumption. and high-performance power supply units of production "Ceasonic" with an efficiency of > 87%.
  3. small size - 20x24x9 cm or 30х30х6,4 (through the use of MiniITX cases and MiniITX motherboards).
  4. high speed performance - Windows 7 loads for 15...20 seconds (instead of 30...60 for conventional computers). Windows 8 or 10 loads for 12...15 seconds.
  5. environmentally friendly - first and foremost, it is eco-friendly in relation to the person - does not create noise pollution and not to drive the room air, raising the dust. In the second place to nature - after all, reducing electricity consumption, we reduce the amount of combustible hydrocarbons, which pollute the environment.

The dignity of our computers compared to laptops:

  1. silence - 0 dB. Almost all laptops use a fan to cool the CPU. Our silent PC fans there.
  2. price when you buy - you do not overpay for the extra screen for the cost of compactness. Often laptops are used as home/desktop computers, at home or in the office easier to work for a large monitor, not a small laptop screen.
  3. the price of the repair average laptop repair costs $100...$200. The prices for parts of our computers below 20...50%.
  4. the ability to upgrade (replacement of components by more modern) is in the laptop, you can install only the "native" fee and the our computer, you can install any standard MiniITX Board, with a suitable processor and RAM.
  5. comfort and ergonomics - to work for large screen, large keyboard and mouse is much more convenient than your existing laptop. Laptop screen and keyboard are located together and are inseparable. If you set the laptop down, so that it is convenient to hands while typing, in this case, the head and the look will be all the time pointing down, which leads to pain in the neck that go into headaches. If you set the laptop higher, but then it will be uncomfortable to the hands that will lead to wrist pain. A full-fledged computer and silent in particular - allows you to place all the components as you wish.


  1. able to play demanding 3D games in low resolution (for example 1024x768) (2). For fans of games in high resolution image it will not work them many more years will have to sit in front of noisy computers with 4 - 5 Ventilatore until you have developed a "cold" CPU and video card. For 3-dimensional games, we recommend you model computer with an Intel i7-3770T, as it has a more powerful graphics core Intel® HD Graphics 4000. The estimated performance of the Ivy Bridge IGP in the test 3DMark 2006" - about 5000 to 6000 points. In all other games (onLine games, games "Contact", logical, strategic) silent computers allow you to play at any resolution screen with any CPU.
  2. high case temperature and CPU. Use dispenser natural (fanless) cooling, the heat transfer rate is lower than in systems with Ventilatore, so heating a little higher. However, it is within the acceptable performance ranges established by manufacturers. To prevent overheating of the core I5 and I7 processors set to the maximum value 2.80 GHz in Turbo Boost mode. For reliable operation of our computers requires only one condition - vertical installation housing, according to the directions "top/bottom" on the back. Heat exchanger (radiator) should be on top and heat should immediately go out (according to the laws of physics - to the top). 
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