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Question 1. Your computer smaller in size and consumes less power, he may be less functional than the ordinary computers?

Answer. No. Our silent computers have the same capabilities as conventional computers. Used Mini-ITX motherboards have the same functionality as conventional charges. And thanks to the latest motherboards with the chips and processor izgotovleniya 22 nm technology it is possible to achieve greater compactness, lower heat dissipation and greater efficiency.
Rather, our computers have more capabilities than computers released until mid 2012 (when it was released the processors of the 3rd generation Ivi Bridge" 22 nm technology), these processors surpass the previous in all respects.

Note: in 2014 we use even more new CPUs 4th generation "Haswell". And since 2016 - processors 6th generation Skylake (14 nm).

In our computers there are USB 3.0 ports which are 10 times faster than usual USB 2.0. To exchange data with the hard disk using the new interface SATA3, which is 2 times faster than SATA2. Is HDD hard drives, we use SSDS, they are 5 - 10 times faster than HDD and silent. Built-in network card can operate at speeds of 10/100/1000 MB/s supports up to 2 or even 3 monitors at the same time.

Question 2.
Your computer has dimensions commensurate with the laptops, which often lack speed. Your computer way too slow?

Answer. No, our silent computers speed equal to conventional computers. And if you compare with the laptops, our computers cost about half the price same performance laptops.

Question 3. How safe is your computer silent?

Answer. The first test sample of a silent PC was assembled on 4 October 2012, since then he works daily for 8 - 14 hours. For the test, it was passed powerful 3-D game "Assassin's Creed". Thus the heating of the processor was maximum. A test of reliability in this overheating passed. Failures, "tormozov" and hangs are observed. The reviews on Yandex market you can see the reviews of buyers who use computer for more than 2 years. Not a single failure since 2012, did not happen.

Question 4. What makes my computer noisy?

Answer. Fans and power supplies are often cheaply manufactured, and little attention has been focused towards the noise they make. This is changing as consumers demand quieter, higher quality products. We use coolers without fans.

Question 5. How quiet can it be?

Answer. It can be virtually silent. We can make PCs so quiet it's hard to tell when they are on.

Question 6. Do it yourself?

Answer. If you are patient and technical, if you have access to our special tools and products, and if you study the problem the way we have done for years, then, maybe. But it is likely that you'll make some mistakes, perhaps a few expensive ones, and discover many manufacturers advertise 'quiet' products that really are not. Our solutions are the distillation of lengthy experimental research and experience.

Question 7. Support for Apple Mac?

Answer. Sorry, we do not support Apple at this time.

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